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Redis Server and Cli for Windows

Download Redis for Windows <here>

This is a fork that lets you run Redis Server as a Windows service.

After installing this executable, navigate to the installation folder(Example, C:\Program Files\Redis)

Notice that there is a redis-service.exe, redis-cli.exe and a redis-server.exe file in this location.

There is also a redis.conf file in the conf folder (Example, C:\Program Files\Redis\conf)

Move this file outside of its folder so that it is present along with executables mentioned above.

Open your command prompt in admin mode, navigate into this redis installation folder and run the executable: redis-server.exe

Open another similar command prompt and run the executable: redis-cli.exe

To list out all the stored keys enter KEYS * in the cli


There are some issues reported for this version of Redis : 2.4.6

So I had to later upgrade it to Redis 3.0 from <here>. You just have to download the zip, extract it and the run the server exe in it.

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